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Digital media companies use push notifications to get users addicted to their product. Facebook Notice uses them to get people addicted to noticing their surroundings.

How It Works

Data is collected from geotagged posts on Instagram & Facebook to generate “points of interest.” These points will act as markers indicating cool or exciting things that may be worth noticing around you. Each point of interest has a starting radius of 500 feet, and if a Notice user walks within the marker’s reach, he or she will receive a push notification asking “Did you notice?”, with a short description of what they have to be looking for. To keep phone interaction to a minimum, users confirm noticing the point of interest by swiping left on the lock screen. After doing so, the phone would lock again, rather than unlock.

Facebook Notice

Popular Interests Grow

If a large amount of posts have been created with the same geotag on Facebook and Instagram, the point of interest’s radius will expand. This will notify more users of events or sightings within their surrounding that may be of more importance or popularity.



To raise awareness for the app, Facebook will create starting “points of interest” out of large scale murals. With Instagram being the largest platform for artists to share and promote their work, Facebook has a great resource of talent to create sponsored work that fans could enjoy and look for.



By using harmful push notifications in a way that gets people to notice their surroundings, Facebook is leading the way in humanistic digital interaction and also living by their mission statement:

"People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.”

Facebook Notice brings the idea of discovery to life in a local, tangible, and real sense.

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